Looking for acrylic stacked case makers for a custom alps alice

I am looking to commission an acrylic stacked alice case and plate with alps support, and a matching wrist rest would also be very dank. the one caveat is that I need someone flexible. I have already tried getting something done with qlavier and SMkeyboards, but they have both stopped responding to my messages. If anyone has a serious offer please feel free to message me, thank you!

Do you have a more specific idea of what you’re looking for with regards to plate mounting and overall aesthetic, and do you have a laser cutting service in mind? I’ve done a few similar boards and would be happy to design something for you for free. Here’s an example: @senselessclay on Instagram: "The best work from home setup? I think so. #dropwfhcontest"


so for plate mounting I have two schools of thought, I can either work with MX mount or alps/matias mount. If the DCS alps ping master IC goes into GB then I am all in for MX mount, if not then, alps mount is the go to. As for laser cutting service, I don’t really have any in mind, I have heard of laser boost. Also I really like your stepped design for the bottom of the board, it looks dope.

also that wrist rest is fire, and I would also be looking into getting something like that as well.

Hello ,do you want to custom alice from us ?
We are China factory in Guangzhou with 15 years CNC experience.
We can do many surface treatment like PVD , Anodizing, Sandblasting ,Frosted PC/Acrylic E-white etc.
Our main services include 3D printing, SLS, CNC and low volume vacuum casting production.
Hope to hear your voice .


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