Looking for ergo pcb/case

Making a keeb for my dad and he wants a Microsoft sculpt ergo type of ergo, but I was not able to find any non-split ergo pcb’s cases. Wondering if anyone can redirect me to one.

The closest one I can think of is the LZ Ergo but you may have a hard time finding someone selling one.

If you want something that’s open source and fairly inexpensive (for this hobby) I’d recommend looking at the Arisu. The PCB gerbers are already put together for you to easily order from JLCPCB and they have a laser cut case you can order from Ponoko.

I’m not sure if the Arisu has enough of a bend to match the Sculpt though. Neither of these boards are tented either and I think the Sculpt is.

You could also look at the Type K which is in IC right now on GeekHack. It’s a tented Alice-style board but it will not have arrow keys or navigation keys like the Sculpt.

If you want to go with an "oem’ option, there is always the Kinesis Advantage which many find really beneficial for their wrists and arms. It does have some getting used to of course.

Alternatively, you could always make a Lubrigante by having a local (or online) shop cut the plates for you to assemble (you’d just need to grab an alice PCB).

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