Looking for feedback/testing: Custom lubing stations & other printed tools/accessories

Tl;dr: I’m working on moving into printed parts design and production, and looking for those with serious interest to provide feedback on what they’d like to see.

First item on the table: Custom lube stations. I see lots of options available, but usually in fixed combinations. I’d like to offer nearly complete customization on order:

  • Switch holding type: Individual cutouts like a plate, or slots for easier access
  • With or without individual spots for springs and stems: I’ve seen preference for having spots and preference for just a dish on the side
  • Spots for brushes, lube dishes, etc
    With all these options, you’d be able to order something as simple as an older style mod station with just switch cutouts, or something with all the features you could want as an all-in-one solution.

For this, I’m looking for feedback on what people like to see for a featureset, and maybe even a few willing to place early(reduced price) orders for more thorough testing and feedback. An initial mockup for the lube station specifically

And in addition, I’m looking for feedback on what people would just like to see made that perhaps isn’t available right now. I’m looking at board stands since those seem also suitable for printing, but I’m not really sure what people actually want since I personally have some pretty boring and “that’ll do” tastes in keeb-related stuff.


This is exciting.

Could you offer different sizes? I’m a comfortable 60% user and rarely lube more than 70 switches at a time. Large stations tend to trigger territory disputes between my peripherals.

Even though I’m a righty, I place my bits and pieces on the left. Could the design ensure a mirrored orientation if I was to spin it around? For example, if I wanted Monstargear’s brush on the left, I’d end up with it right next to me and everything else would be inverted. Lame.

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So that’s the main thing I’m aiming to offer is customization. Right now the example piece I have there is mostly parametric, so I can just chuck a few numbers into a sheet and the model changes just about any factor.

For example, this is just done by settings it to 9x9 instead of 6x12 from before.

And here’s even a 7x10 for the 70 switches you mentioned.

And right now the switch cutouts are only keyed vertically, so you should be fine to spin it 180° and use it. Switches also seem to fit into the slots rotated 90°, so that seems the best for options.

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More progress

Still looks mostly the same, a lot of the work today was getting parameters to interact how I wanted to make sure they behave throughout a range of changes. I’ve got the side trays to now be changeable as a proportion of one to the other, but I’ll probably redo the math on it so that it’ll “snap” to increments of the switch rows.

Next up is adding another dish along the bottom for switch tops with maybe a couple cutouts for brushes there too. Then after that I’ll probably rebuild the entire file from scratch to redo some sketch interactions and improve the parameter ordering.