Looking for information about Ducky Skyline keycap colors

Hi all!

I am pretty sure someone can help me with a simple question I was not unable to answer myself by googleing…

Can someone tell me what color the modifiers of the Ducky Skyline are?
The seem white on black to me as far as I can see, but I did not find written confirmation on the net.

Are they black, or just dark grey?

Thanks in advance!

Heyo - I got this keyset a few years ago; the mods are a darker grey.

Not much in the way of non-standard compatibility but they’re some of the nicest OEM profile caps I’ve used.

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They’re based on GMK Oblivion, Monochrome Base, IIRC.

@Deadeye , thanks for the info!

Sadly that means I can not use it for my little project, I hoped the mods were black.
Guess I have to go for the Ducky Tuxedo keycaps then… Harder to come by.

I agree, it’s a pity that they are limited to standard layouts, but for my project that doesn’t matter (this time).