Looking for items to review

Hey everyone! My name is coolkeys and I recently hit 1k subs on YouTube! (Click the link to check out my channel)

I’m trying to grow my audience and produce some enticing content, so I would love to hear from any companies or small business or even just regular people to help me out! If you have a product or keyboard that you want people to see, I would love to review it! My reviews are unbiased, truthful and contain my opinions. Be weary, there might be some negative points that I bring up. If any of you want to send me something, feel free to reach out, for my messages are open! Also I am looking to affiliate myself with other companies as well. Please please let me know if you can!

I plan on uploading reviews at least twice a week, and I stream reviews and builds too!

Edit: Just to let you know I’m not asking for free stuff. I am asking to pay a fee to get items for review purposes.

Thank you everyone!

-Ari from coolkeys


Best of luck to you!



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Hello and welcome!

I see you’ve done some videos with the GK61xs; there are all kinds of potential branches from there.

  • other boards in the same price range and how they compare in some common use-cases

  • custom plates of various materials for the GK and how they change things; once you find (or make) a good plate file for your board, you can use it for anything flat that a machine can shape; most accessibly plastic and metal sheets

  • different forms of sound tuning and how they change the GK; paper towels is a great jumping-off point for that - what other inexpensive things can further dial-in the compact budget hero? This one has been approached seriously and in jest before, but I think there’s still plenty of room for creativity here

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Are you asking for people to send you stuff to review for free? ngl that seems pretty tacky to me


Nope. I’m asking if people are interested to send me items for review purposes, that I would pay.

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