Looking for keycap colorway for E-white Tofu

Might be a little different than normal posts but looking for some suggestions. Currently using an E-White Tofu case with Chalk keycaps. I loved the colorway at first but now, not so much. Looking for something that’s a little more neutral. What would you recommend? Don’t really want to break the bank either under $100 would be ideal. Let me know. Thanks.


Can’t go wrong with WoB. ePBT Spectrum would be nice to.
Or is chalk the one that’s similar to spectrum :upside_down_face:

Those PBT doubleshot BoW caps NovelKeys had for a little while were the perfect color to match with e-white (at least the one I have); shame the caps themselves had so many issues with stems and such. I still haven’t found a closer tone.

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Its similar but those colors seem more 80’s-ish lol.

The good thing about E-White is that it’s incredibly easy to match keycap sets to. For a safe choice, you can consider White-on-Black or Black-on-White options - the Mistel keycaps are pretty good if you’re looking for Doubleshot PBT in OEM profile

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I think that I might just pick up a set of WoB for now until I can find something different. Thanks for the help.

Mistel’s caps are surprisingly good. My spacebar was just barely warped so I use the set on a board with less picky stabs - I’ll try the blow dryer and stack of books thing eventually. I’d give them an A- on overall quality and an easy A+ for value.

On one hand, white keebs are really easy to match with white keysets; an easy color to find for both.

On the other, if you’re a color-theory nut, it might be one of the hardest to match because of the super-wide variety of subtle shade and tone differences - and those differences between whites are a little easier to spot than, say, the same degree of difference between blacks or other dark colors.

Many trend towards neutral and work just fine together, but if you end up with one especially warm and the other especially cool they can clash. (Clash example: Durgod Hades white case which is very warm with EPBT x GOK BoW which is very cool)

That clashy combo got me on the hunt for tone-matched white cases and keysets - I’ll tell you right now that’s basically a fool’s errand and a deep hole, but it’s possible to get lucky. (Good example: KBD67L white ABS case and MT3 BoW)

Those aren’t an exact match with the caps reflecting a hair more warm light, but they’re close enough to jive well and for most people to never even notice they aren’t the same.

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If legends are optional, those POM Inks might be cool.

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I’ve noticed this exact issue. I either find the color scheme of white and gray that I like but the white is more off white. Which would look really weird with the bright white case.

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