Looking for material list / what you'd need to know for hand-wiring

Hey gang,
I decided recently that I want to hand-wire a 49 key keyboard (custom layout). I wanted to know if anyone had a list of diodes / traces / other materials and maybe even a step-by-step guide of what you’d need to do, because I’m super sold on wanting a board of this layout, but have no idea where to start. (I don’t have an exact picture of the layout, but think 45-ATS with ]} |\ '" /?) Also: custom cases? Would the best bet be to get a custom printed acrylic case, or are custom-cut aluminum cases a thing? If anyone has advice on this, don’t hesitate to let me know! Thanks.

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my first hand-wired board was a long time ago, I followed BrownFox step by step by Matt3o.


  • controller: I previously used a Pro Micro but you can also use Teensy and now Proton-C is a solid choice as well.
  • diode: 1N4148 (same as Matt3o’s post I think)
  • electric wires
  • plate-mount stab.
  • case: laser-cut acrylic (my build) or aluminum

make sure your plate has <=1.5mm thickness or your plate mount stab won’t fit.
in my case I have 2mm acrylic plate and I have to use “mini hand drill machine” to…ehh… mill the stab area on the plate down to desired thickness.

here is my build: https://imgur.com/a/iFAoU

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