Looking for specific keyboards


Hi guys!

I don’t really know if this is the right place or not, since it’s a personal request, but I need a little bit of “help” from you all.
The fact is that I plan to buy a new keyboard in the near future, and I was very attracted by the Polaris, or even the 7V.
But, I went up discovering the Koyu from Rama, which groupbuy (unfortunately) ended a long time ago. And damn, I must say that I’m very sad because this was literally the “perfect” keyboard for me!
Do you know if they’ll be launching a R2? Are there any rumors about that or not at all?

So uh, I’m basically searching for a 60-65% keyboard with per switch rgb if possible (I know the two boards I listed up there doesn’t have that, but I really like having rgb leds on a keyboard). I searched on geekhack but I must say that there are quite a lot ICs and GBs, I probably ended up missing a lot of things.

If you guys have any suggestions, I will gladly take them!

Thanks a lot!


Rama said that there will be some koyu spares on sale around july time


If I recall correctly the Zypher from ZealPC has per key RGB lighting and a thick plate as well.


OMG please yes

Yea, but I don’t know if the Zephyr is on sale or not, and 600$ is a bit too high for me haha


RAMA also has a KOYU waitlist for folks that you can join in case anybody who did pre-order one wants to cancel their order so you can pick it up instead.

But, yeah: I suspect with the popularity of the KOYU that they’ll run a sequence 2 eventually, but they’ll probably work through some of their other stuff first. You might end up being really interested in the RAMA-produced wilba-designed thermal as well, which should be opening for pre-order… soonish?


Oh thanks! I didn’t knew about the Koyu waitlist! I’ll enter it asap, just in case!
And I’m definitively interested about the Thermal. I must admit I prefer the Koyu, but I’ll keep an eye on this one!

So right now my wish list is something like that :

  • Polaris (if he really goes for PC and underglow rgb)
  • Rama Koyu
  • Zephyr
  • Thermal
  • Rama m60 if they go on another round?

If you have any other finds like that…


Oh! You might also dig the 651


Nice find! Can’t wait to have more information about that one!
Thank you so much for your help!


The per key RGB is gonna be the hard thing to find in higher end custom 65%. Less so with 60% as there are plenty of 60% PCBs with per switch SMD LEDs, so you could always get one of those a really nice plate & high end tray mount case to get close to what you’re looking for. For 65% Koyu & Zephyr are the only two high end boards that tick all your boxes I can think of off the top of my head. Dropping requirement for per key RGB for single color or no LEDs while keeping the requirement for RGB underglow will give you much more choices for custom 65% boards. The layout for the Kouyu is pretty much the standard 68 key layout that can be found on many custom 65% boards.


Yep, I completely agree with you, that’s why I made this topic!
What I want is to buy an high end bespoke 65% mechanical keyboard with per key rgb, and searching for this is, as you said, pretty hard.

Koyu was the best option to me since it wasn’t to expensive, whereas the Zephyr is 600$.

But I must say I’m curious about those 65% with underglow, if you could tell me more about this…


Massdrop’s ALT and ALT high profile is a 65% with per-key RGB. The MiTo Laser version is up for pre-order at the moment.


Sorry I missed your reply last night. I’m at work right now, but will put together a list of 65% boards that have RGB underglow when I get home. The Redscarf ver.C comes to mi d of the top of my head, but thise ha emt beeen ran in awhile AFAIK.


hm, I’m not interested in those at all, I already own 2 CTRLs, and I really want an higher-end keyboard or at least something that isn’t prebuilt!

No worries! Since I’m not in US I certainly have a different timezone haha