Looking for Testers

Hey guys, Nigel from Flashquark here!

We’ve recently come out with a line of two-stage long switch springs which I personally think feel amazing. The springs come in 58g, 62g, 67g, 80g, and 150g weights.
These two-stage springs are longer than normal switch springs. What this results in is a more even feeling of the weight across the entire downpress vs. starting off light and then increasing in weight with a normal spring. Due to the longer spring length, the upstroke of the switch is also faster and more forceful. This may be particularly useful for tactile switches that are a bit slower to return due to the increased friction between the switch leaf and stem.

We’re currently looking for testers to try out these springs and give us feedback on them. We’d also love any suggestions for changes/improvements that can be made for them as well!
If you are interested in being a tester for our springs, comment below with which spring weight you’d be interested in testing out as well as what kind of switches you intend on using them with (brand/model), and we will randomly choose 20 of you.

While we can’t pick all of you to be testers, we intend to focus our efforts on production of more of our own products from here on out and we will need product testers for all of our future products as well.
If you would like to be notified and considered for testing of our future products, join our product testing discord here: Flashquark Product Testing


I already have your 58g and 150g two-stage springs, and I’d be glad to give you feedback on them. I have on-hand lots of other 62-ish gram springs I could compare your middle-weight ones to as well.

I think I’d be most interested in trying your 80g springs - as avid a switch collector as I am, I don’t think I have anything in that weight.

I keep lots of spare parts on-hand, so I’d be happy to test your springs with a variety of switches; Bobas, Holy Pandas, JWKs - if you have anything in mind that would be most useful in terms of information, chances are I have an example or two of something at least similar laying around.


Whichever you need more feedback on, between 62g and 67g. I would be trying them out in Zealios, Boba U4T, and Pewter Switches. I can also run some in Outemu Sky switches as well. I also wanted to say thank you for the goodies you always pack with your shipments. The kids love flashquark packages lol.


I’d like to test this out with your 62g springs in Kinetic Labs’ Penguin switches (not sure who the manu is since they don’t disclose that). The ones I bought come with 63.5g springs that have issues returning on stabilized keys, so I’d love to see if these springs can achieve a similar typing feel without the return problems.

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I build a lot of tactiles, and have been experimenting a great deal in the 57 G range. So those 58 G springs could be very interesting, as there are some switches that need an extra push.

[I am thinking Durock Light Tactile, Everglide Jade, SP Star Meteor Orange, and TTC Watermelon Milkshake, to name a few.]

The 62 G could also be helpful for the spacebar and large modifiers with some of the above switches, and for Bobas and Silent Skies. I will also be building Durock Medium Tactile, and the 62 L could be helpful there, too.

Since Kailh Pro Purple works well with an ordinary 63.5 G spring, I’d be interested in seeing how an enhanced 62 G spring would perform.


I have some Kailh box jades that I could test 80g or 150g springs in, I understand they take a different diameter(?) spring than other MX switches though, so apologies if I’m in the wrong place.

Could you make the coils thicker? Perhaps similar to the quality of DLs?

My only beef with two and three-stage springs is I tend to bend them; almost to a crescent shape. They end up rubbing a bit along the switch stem, especially during the upstroke. Super scratchy. Idk, this might just be me.

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Probably 67g so i can put them in my zorro reds. amazing switches, pingy as hell stock spring and i’m too lazy to lube it. :smiley:

I would love to test 58g with U4/T and maybe Kiwis.

I’d love to give the 58g or 62g springs a try! I’m always about finding that perfect switch combo!

I am interested in trying the 58g. I would also be willing to do a review of them on my YouTube channel, coolkeys. I would love to do this!

I could try out the 56g springs. I have a board with NovelKeys Nolive / Cream switches. These came with regular length 63.5g springs which are a little too heavy for me.

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When you say that you tend to bend them, do you mean during the process of installing them or they get bent on their own during the use of the switches? If it’s the latter, one thing is to make sure that you are centering the springs with the stem while you are installing them.

If you are are feeling/hearing rubbing along the stem, that may be what’s referred to as “Spring crunch” which can be eliminated by lightly lubing both ends of the spring by dipping them into lube. Make sure it’s only the ends though, as lubing other parts of the spring makes them mushy and slow to spring back.

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Ugh. Mostly when I’m trying to pull them apart before bag lubing. There’s just so many coils in two and three-stage springs; including the densely packed middle sections.

Maybe my beef is really with how springs, especially these, are packaged.

How does one individually package springs or prevent them from showing up as tangled nonsense?

I love the 58g, probably never going to use anything else from now on.
Well, almost. I have some 56g Trippel Stage I’m going to try.

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I’d like to try the 62g. Interested in testing them out on shogoki, durock light tactiles, and maybe sp-star meteor orange just to see how the bump changes. If I were to try them on linears maybe the glacier pandas I currently own.

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I can tell you that the Meteor Orange bump will change with different springs.

TX 55 G seems a little more rounded, but maybe heavier somehow.

60 G TX Long spring are even heavier and may kind of smother the tactility in the weight. But it will be a stronger upstroke, I think. Curious what these 62 G springs would do.

I’d love to test the 80g and/or 67g in some Boba U4T’s and Holy Boba’s. Interested in seeing how/if they improve tactility of these switches and also how they affect the upstroke rebound.

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I would love to test 62g on Cherry MX black, and perhaps on tangerines and black ink. For tactile, I think I prefer short springs.

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I would be happy to test your 68g springs.