Looking for tips on Christo-Lube

Where can I find some info on following Christo-Lube in context of keyboard switch lubing?

  • Christo-Lube MCG 111
  • Christo-Lube MCG 112
  • Christo-Lube MCG 129

Which are good for what (linear, tactile, stabs, etc.)?

What can be used to dilute them?

Update: reason I ask is because I just ordered them from NovelKeys. Yes, they are stocking lubes now. Beware that Krytox GPL 20x greases there are not grade 0 but grade 2. Great price and packaging though. Glass jars!


Looks like MCG 112 is good for linear switches https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/at4etn/photos_jer_mini_lubed_cream_switches_space_cadet/

I think 129 is the best for linears,it’s like 205…but better

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I believe the higher the last digit, the more viscous.
Higher viscosity translates into more durability and smoothness, but tends to gum up the more complicated mechanisms as in tactile and clicky switches, in addition to muting the click.
By that logic you would go for lower end digit for clicks, mid for tactile, and high for linear.
I think.

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The data sheets are a bit unclear on actual viscosity numbers.

MCG 111 is a bit like Tribosys 3203, and MCG 129 is a bit like Tribosys 3204 or Krytox GPL 205g0. However the Christo-Lubes are much less “sticky” than the Krytox equivalents. This means that you can’t quite achieve the same buttery feeling as with Krytox, but they are much, much easier to apply. They spread more readily and are much less likely to gum up your switch if you apply too much.

They are made of PFPE and PTFE like Krytox, but I’m not sure that they’re made in the same way (base PFPE oil + PTFE + binder). I’m not aware of any way to thin them out safely, like how you can create a mix of Krytox grease and oil. But given their much “lighter” properties compared to Krytox, there isn’t really a need to thin them IMO.


I have some 129 I think I’ll try out this weekend on my Fei switches.


And I’m going to test 111, 112, and 129 on HHKB with BKE Redux domes to see which is best. When the lubes arrive that is.

Looking forward to your opinion on these lubes! I almost pulled the trigger on tub of the Cristo-Lube MCG 112 from NK, but figured I’d wait for some opinions & reviews before buying. Also I’m doing pretty good on greases, some VPF1514 is what I really need to get more of & Store Uni is the only place I know of selling small amounts of it right now thanks to a tip from @donpark. Hopefully Mike stocks some to go with the GPL10X oils soon as I’d much rather order my lube from WV vs Malaysia, LOL!

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