Looking to build a through-hole kit

I’m looking to build a LCK75% or Gingham board and I was wondering if these boards are louder without cases? Are there other downsides to using it ‘raw’ compared to having a custom case made for it?

I’ve asked a similar question to this and the opinion I got was fairly evenly divided.

So personal preference plays a heavy role for me and I go with cases for these kinds of kits. They sound pretty good in stacked acrylic cases, in my opinion at least.

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Thanks for the reply. I would like to build one because they look cool but I’m very particular about how loud my boards are.

With the correct plate and switches they aren’t loud. A well lubed linear switch would be quieter, there is literally no reverb with an open case, not much for the sound to bounce off of.

If you go with a metal plate, it will almost always be loud compared to FR4/POM/Acrylic.


A deskmat can also go a long way in regards to dampening the sound of a caseless keyboard. Much like foam in a case.


The Gingham doesn’t use any plate from the pictures I have seen looks to be plate mounted. The LCK75 looks to have an FR4 plate. So they might be quieter than using an aluminum plate now.

For reference my daily driver is a Tofu60 with Alpacas.

Good to know as I currently use a full size desk mat.

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