Loose mini-b connector on Tada68

I posted this question on reddit, but it is reddit.

I have a nice Tada68 (205g0 lubed tealios, laserboost SS plate, Tofu65 case) that has a very loose mini-b port. I’m not hard on equipment as I am using an FC660M with a mini-b and am experiencing no problems with it.

I have already swapped cables (no effect), and I was just curious if anybody had any suggesdtions on what I can do to salvage this keeb.

Most Mini ports will have some little tabs on them that serve to provide some clamping force onto the plug. You can try bending the main tab inwards a little to see if that helps with the looseness.

Just some tweezers and push it inwards carefully. can’t really go too far since moving to accommodate the plug will swing it out a bit. If that’s not enough, you can try squishing the opening of the port some to help apply some force there too.


I’ll try both the vertical adjustment with the tab and the lateral adjustment to see if that helps. Thanks for the suggestions (and visual aid), I sincerely appreciate it!