Loud Spacebar

I bandaid lubed my stabs and ngl so far the delete key sounds the best and the worst is probably the space bar i may use some teflon grease if i can find some, before the spacebar is rattly not it isn’t but it still has it’s own rattle in it

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Do you use plate- or PCB- mounted stabilizers?

What type of lube did you use and how much did you use?
Any pictures?

If you can let us know the answer to this question we can help you out much better OP.

Most probably they are pcb stabs based on the bandaid lube mention.

i didn’t have like the dialectric grease but i have a spare long wire and i dipped it with 3 in 1 oil then left it for a day then installed it it sounds fine and better but not as much progression from there ngl also i tried reversing the spacebar sounds kinda better ngl

its a gk61 i think it is pcb mounted u can remove it easily so yeah maybe

If it’s PCB mounted, you need some grease on that, but most importantly you need to balance the stab wires or the rattle will keep coming back. I think :3ildcat has some videos on youtube where he does that using two syringes.

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I don’t think 3 in 1 oil, is a good choice for keyboards. I’ve heard thorough some hobby forums, that it can negatively effect plastics over time, causing them to either become soft or brittle.

You really want to use a thicker nonconductive grease, on the stabs and non conductive oil or thin grease on switches.

Dielectric grease would be fine for stabs, but something like 205g00, would also be a good option for stabs.

Nah GK61s use plate mounted stabs, the fact that they’re easy to remove tells me you got plate mounted stabs in there for sure. PCB mounted stabs require pretty much desoldering every switch to change one. I can almost guarantee the source of your rattling is the stabiler housings sitting loose in the plate’s cutout for them. It is an easy fix though, just remove the stabilizers & wrap some electrical tape on the plate so it shims out the sides of the stab cutouts. It will keep the stab housings from moving & reduce any rattle made from that. From there it is up to your stab lubing skills how long they’ll stay rattle free. It should be noted that stabs need to be refreshed with lube every so often. Having a little stab rattle come back after a year or so (give or take) of heavy usage is not uncommon even using the highest end stabs & best tuning methods.

Also I’d remove the bandaid mod while you’re at it. It is honestly worthless for PCB mounted stabs, even more so for plate mounted stabs. It has been proven many times that sliders in even PCB mount stabilizers do not bottom out on the PCB. The only ones that do hit the PCB are unclipped genuine cherry stabs with their two legs us enthusiasts clip off to get a better sounding landing. Really all the bandaid mod does is give you little dust magnets under your stabs. Try one with & without the mod, I think you’ll be pretty surprised at how little difference there is in feel.