Low front heights boards

I have a plethora of custom keyboards, but most of them aren’t low enough in the front. I’m looking to add some to my collection.

The Milan by Maker Keyboards is a contender at 18mm.

Would be eternally grateful if anyone had suggestions within that range?

Thanks in advance!


comfortable 3.7 degree typing angle

Low in the back as well. Too flat for me.

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I believe Vector by ai03 was just under 19mm in the front with a more traditional 7 degree typing angle. I’m not aware of many boards shorter than that, but any board with a Cherry lip on the front like Vector should feel shorter even if the overall height is the same. Other than that, I think you’re probably venturing into low-profile case or low-profile switch territory.

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Isn’t most of Geonworks boards have low front height? A GB for the F1-8X V2 has recently started and the spec says its front height is only 16.5mm [In-stock] F1-8X V2 Barebone Kit GMK Regal Edition – GEONWORKS


GEONWORKS F1-8X v2 has a front height of only 16.5mm (without bumpons) and a 9 degree typing angle.
It is currently in group buy phase and is not terribly expensive given the specs.
This may fit your low front height requirements.


qk60 is pretty low, 18mm front height too.

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