Low profile ortho split board?

Moonlander is my daily driver but interested if anyone knows of a low profile, choc switch based split ergo ortho board.

And if it supported rotary encoders and via that would be sublime!

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Sadly there is no way i can get by with just 3 rows. That’s exactly the kind of thing I’m after though.

Kyria or lilly58, Nyquist

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Helix is another option.

Are you at all open to column staggered too? If so, Iris might work for you, it also supports encoders. You might want to check out the ec12 encoders that MKUltra has, they’re lower profile and a better fit for choc builds. (Main downside being no button press, only rotation).

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Oh, and Lily58 is another good column stagger option that supports chocs.

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Maybe the Breeze by Afternoon Labs?

If there was an option of that without the keypad it would be a distinct possibility. Erring towards trying to get a Sofle now

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The keypad part can be broken off if I see correctly on the PCB.

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They have hex files for building the breeze with the ‘wing’ on either the right, the left, or both. They don’t mention an option for ‘neither’, but I don’t think that would be difficult to do. Here are a couple resources that I found useful: Split Keyboard Database (by @dovenyi) and Awesome Opensource Split Keyboards.