Lube brush storage


I was wondering how you go about storing your lube brushes? As of now, after lubing, I have a sleeve fashioned out of cling film/wrap that encases the brush tip and is secured with a zip tie or velcro strip. I don’t want to clean the brush since if held in a reasonable airtight container the brush won’t dry out, certainly not by the next lubing party. Is there a pre-made cover that can clip on the end or a plastic tube to encase the entire brush? Any better solution than mine (I’m assuming all of them) would be very helpful.


I just stick mine in the pencil holder sitting on my desk. I don’t think there’s a chance the Krytox I’m using will dry out. The stuff is fairly bullet proof.


They get tossed in the bag with the lube for next time. Trybosis and krytox shouldn’t dry out. Fingers crossed


I have like 400 dental applicators that I use to lube. I throw them away afterward and grab a new one :slight_smile:


I prefer them to a brush because they don’t hold a lot, so it’s easier to make sure I don’t grab too much lube at once


I didn’t know those existed. That’s pretty cool!


My brush would be made out of cat hair in a matter of hours if I did that, lol (could I market cat hair brushes…strokes beard inquisitively…wait, beard hair brushes???).


Teflon Silicone lubricant in a nail polish bottle - the metal bead inside will stir the teflon suspension before you use it.

I also put Loctite in nail polish bottles since it’s typically only used in small amounts.

I may try to put some Krytox and this together and see what sort of blend I can make that would still work with my typical click switch build.

I should probably add a few of these to the website since I have extras…


Very cool.