Lube for topre?

Hi, I recently got a silenced realforce r2 board and have been really enjoying it so far and would like to improve the smoothness of the switches. I’ve read that using thick lubricant can cause the switches to feel sluggish. As such I am considering using something such as a silicone oil to lube my board, as I believe that it will not affect the longevity of the rubber nor plastic. Alternatively, I am also considering using a dry lube like ptfe powder. The only concerns I have is the lube slowly dripping/falling to the domes and not actually lubricating the sliders. Would love to hear anybody who has had experience with this before embarking on the disassembly.

I put 3204 on my novatouch and as long as you don’t put too much it’s fine.

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Thick lubes aren’t an issue if you don’t overdo it.

I’ve used 3204 and 3203 on my Topre before with no ill effects. If a slider gets mushy, that means too much lube was applied.


Thanks for the quick replies, I think I’ll proceed with a single switch of both to see how I feel about it before doing the whole board.