Lubed my Redragon k530 A few days ago, need to know something about the stabs

I recently lubed my switches and my stabs on my Redragon k530 60% keyboard, I noticed that the left side of my space bar sounds perfect with no rattling noise, but the right side has a little bit of it left. I don’t know what to do and I already overdid my lubing on the right side and I still hear the minimal rattle, it just gets me because it’s the side I mostly use whenever I type or play rhythm games. I used Krytox 205g0 to lube every switch and stabs I had. I also used bandaids under the stabs where it would make contact with the PCB and some tape to wedge in between the stabs to make them rattle less on the plate, since it is plate mounted.

This is a very common problem with no set solution… Here are a few different things that could be causing the rattle.

1.) Stabilizer wire is bent/not perfectly true
2.) Snap in area for stabilizer wire is loose and requires some material to tighten up the point of contact between wire and stabilizer housing
3.) Warped spacebar key

Unfortunately 1 and 2 will require complete disassembly to test.


I checked if the stab wire is bent or not, used my phone’s screen and it was almost perfectly flat, I think there isn’t any bent but I could be wrong, but it wasn’t being that rattly on my phone screen, must be the #2 you’re talking about. I heard dialectric grease does that well but I don’t have any, all I got is 205g0. What material would you suggest to wedge into the housing?

A couple things you can do;

Easiest thing to try is to pop the stab housings out of the plate and put a strip of cloth bandage on one side to shim it. You won’t be able to remove them completely, just enough to get them out of the way. :3wildcat does this in a bunch of his videos if you want to see it done.

BTW at this point I prefer 205g0 to dielectric grease for all the stab parts at this point - I think you’re good lube wise.

2.) that @jhambone9190 mentioned: The other thing you can try is adding a little thickness (and I mean a little) to the wires to reduce how much they can rattle inside that plastic piece.

The easiest way to do that is with heat-shrink; normally used in splicing wires. I forget who, but there is a keyboard vendor who sells just the right size of heat-shrink pre-cut into little pieces just for this purpose. It’s basically little tubes of plastic that you use some kind of heat-source to shrink onto the stab-wire.

RAMA has a pretty detailed guide on this process including the heat-shrink model number if you want to check that out here.

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Can I get the link for 3ildcat’s video where he put cloth bandage in the stab housing? Also I tried putting a sponge-like foam since I don’t have anything else and it stopped the rattling on the right side but now the rattling is on the left side, is it the stab wire? I am so new to this, I’m so sorry XD

No worries! Here you go. 4:05 ish if it doesn’t start there. He puts the bandage / cloth tape between the plate and stab housing.

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Oh! I did that using Masking tape, didn’t really fix the issue for me…

Masking tape may be too thin to help. I usually use a small piece of electrical tape on either side of the plate to shim in plate mounted stabilizers.


I used band aids and just layered them with each other at the side between the stab housing and the plate, now the spacebar feels a bit slow when it bounces back up, I think I need to take out a layer. I couldn’t find an electrical tape in our house so had to go with bandaids

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Yeah just one layer of banaid should do, going to thick will cause the stabs to bind.

It didn’t work but I know what the problem is! The exact stabilizer housing is not locking up to the plate! I even tried to just push it back without touching the latch and it actually got removed without unlocking it! I think the stabilizer is just broken and I dunno how to fix it, I don’t have enough allowance to buy more stabilizers so unsure how to fix the “Lock” of a stab housing…

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Post some pics of it & maybe we can help you figure out a way to fix it. If not I think I have some old plate mount stabs lying around I could send your way.

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Nah no need to send, plus I live all the way in Asia, PH
I’ll send a pic soon when I got time

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If the cloth is on the same side where the stab latches on to the plate, it could be preventing the latch from making it all the way over the edge. You might try a single layer on one of the other sides and see if the latch works after that.

If the plastic is strained and has lost its springiness to push the latch forward, you still might be able to do that manually with a small flathead screwdriver.

Alright, what I did is I put 7 LAYERS of masking tape instead to squeeze between the plate and the stab housing, the bandaid I used isn’t a good one since it’s very thin, it fixed the problem for me though I can still get the stab housing out by just pushing against it, though the rattle is gone now.

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Okay, update, rattling is still there, I really don’t know what the hell is wrong unless it’s the stabilizer or it’s the plate… ! This is the stabilizer housing I was mentioning that doesn’t have a strong lock to the plate

All it takes is a push upwards and it just becomes like this, also the stabilizers are upside down compared to other keyboards.

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