Lubing an HHKB Pro 2 Type-S


First post and I got a quick question for HHKB enthusiasts.

Have you ever lubed a Type-S? Is it worth the time, or no? Does it sound/feel similar to a silenced standard Pro 2?

I currently have a standard Pro 2 w/ 55g domes, lubed sliders/stabs (Trybosis 3204/Krytox 205-0), KBD silencing rings, with a Sorbothane inlay. I absolutely love the feel/sound of it.

But I bought a Type-S to compare the two. Without any modifications, I don’t think the Type-S comes close to the satisfying sound/feel of my modded board.

But I’m going to put BKE Heavies into the Type-S, and I will probably end up lubing it, and putting Sorbothane in it as well. When I do, I’ll report back.

But I wanted to hear what others’ experience has been, if there has been any, with a lubed Type-S so that I can keep those thoughts in mind going forward.


You have to make sure the Type S is somewhat broken in first :confused: I know there’s differing opinions, but honestly, the break in period has made a difference although I’ve only had 3 HHKB’s to try this with

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Lubing Topre keyboard is always a good choice and it has made all my boards quieter. With the Type-s sliders, lube, and sorbothane you’ll end up having one of the quietest keyboards out there.

Don’t forget to lube the stabs too.


Amen to that last piece of advice! I don’t have much experience with HHKBs other than trying them at a few meetups, but I do have a 660C I modded up. Before I modded it at all though I decided to give a go stock for about a month. While it was a very solid board with it’s stock domes & not lubed at all, the stabilizers were a big letdown for me. The rattled crazy, I mean worse than some OEM cherry stab knockoffs! Thankfully after using some Tribosys3204 on them they became dead quiet!

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@team_eevee, why do you think that breaking in a Type-S is necessary before lubing it?

Or do you mean I won’t have a good sense for how it feels/sounds stock until it’s broken in?

I imagine the latter.

So good point.

Thank you!

@Zambumon and @Rob27shred,

Yes, I’ll most definitely lube the stabs. I absolutely love the sound of lubed HHKB stabs. The board as a whole sounds amazing with Trybosis 3204, but the stabs with Krytox 205-0 is also just heavenly.

They sound like high-quality keys on an expensive electronic piano keyboard when it’s unplugged.

So satisfying.

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I can hardly wait to try a 660C. I want to buy one just to mod it up.

But I’m going to geek out on HHKB’s for a while first and experiment with different domes (mostly BKE Heavy and maybe Extreme).

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highly recommend that if you have the resources that you try 55g!

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Thanks! I already have 55g on my standard HHKB.

Loving them.

Looking forward to comparing them with BKE Redux Heavies on my Type-S.