Lubing Novelkeys Cream switches with PTFE powder



This demo will show why I like the powder better than grease so far for these switches:


Here’s the powder I used:


wow :astonished:

so with powder lubing, the stem will not contact with the housing, and it just… slide on the powder, right? :thinking:
will the powder be rubbed off overtime?


So this is unexpected… The switches sound kinda weird! The powder seems to be muffling the bottom out noise. Here is a typing video:


Whoa, I thought we are supposed to be kinda gentle with opened-bottom housing since the metal contacts are fragile and can get bent easily. Shaking a bunch of bottom housing in a container surprised me a bit :open_mouth:


Meh, they aren’t THAT fragile


FWIW I experienced very little stick-slip friction in my switches (production ones, not proto/samples).

That said, you and others have been talking a lot about dry lubing with straight PTFE powder so I really appreciate the video and ongoing experimentation.