Lubing service recommendations?

I despise lubing switches, folks. I have lubed for at least a dozen builds, and I’m completely over it.

I’ve decided to pay for a pro service, but I have no idea who is out there nor do I particularly trust mechmarket “reviews.”

Does anyone have recommended users/vendors for lubing and filming in the US? Preferably they would be able to supply materials. I have at least 4 builds planned, so it won’t be a particularly small order.


Ooof, trust me I get it but I would never let anyone else lube my switches, even not Krelbit TBH. I’ve come to the same stage where lubing is just plain a pain in the ass, but my solution was too just do batches slowly while watching TV or a movie. I’ve found it to be much less of a chore that way.

I’ve thought of trying a lube service or buying lubed switches from someone, but every time I’ve tried switches lubed by someone else I found something I do not like about the lube job. Whether that be it feels overlubed or underlubed to me or the top housing not being lubed. I am just too picky with my switches to go that route.


Only the pride for doing it myself has held me back, but the tradeoffs don’t seem worth it anymore. I never played with lube types or applications. I slap 3204 on rails, sliders, legs and rarely go back to adjust. I think 3204 is forgiving in that way?

I already gave up a couple batches ago and started to split the work with my wife. Lol I basically do one switch for her as a baseline and sometimes all of the bottom housings.

My logic now is that someone who is motivated (monetarily at least) and has done it a thousand times more will do a better job than me.

I have painted many walls in my homes, and many times after I realize I should have hired a painter…

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It definitely makes sense, especially put this way. Thinking about it realistically I completely get your point about someone who is motivated doing a better job. Also you could always let the person who you’re paying know your preferences. I mean if you don’t mind paying for it I’m sure you can find someone out there that can do it to your standards for you. Or maybe try some switches from Loobed who sells lubed switches on their storefront. I’d imagine the switches have to be decently lubed if they’re willing to sell them out of a storefront.

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Baglube is your friend

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Here’s a link to that Loobed site I told you about in my previous post. It’s using Shoobs reference link BTW.


Yeah there is always loobedswitches. Also Ive heard good things about services, lots on mm do it(people like u/thebidof) also lots of instock lubed switch options on mm like myself (u/exciting-sky558) and people like u/chandaddypurps does frankenswitched. I see how it could be sketch, and as other ppl in this thread mentioned there is a chance to you the switches could feel underlubed/overlubed or just not lubed to ur prefrence but thats just the tradeoff you make I guess.

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Best way to put it really, unless you never lubed switches yourself there will be tradeoffs. Although honestly once the switches have been used a good bit you’d be hard pressed to differentiate switches lubed by different people that are good at lubing.


Thanks for the recs everyone. Loobed looks legit though a bit on the expensive side, probably justifiably so. I may checkout some r/mm folks and just friggin send it


Little update: I decided to go with Alybuilds whom I found on Reddit. My order consisted of Tealios, Opblack, and TTC Wild.


  • Active community member, not a new service provider or enthusiast.
  • Transparent order queue and work on their website.
  • Middle range price (about 50c per switch with TX films).
  • Ultrasonic cleaning service to remove factory lube (not necessary but I like the idea to prevent separation in the future)
  • Never says thocc

On a random side note I bought switch tripods to try out since I’m splurging hard on these builds. I’m hoping these clean up the sound a touch without killing the builds’ character as can happen with 5 million layers of foam.


Did you ever use the switch tripods? Curious because I finally tried some today and I can’t for the life of me tell that they do anything for the sound.

I’m at least a week out from trying them on a full board, but I tested a couple switches on my hollowest, pingiest keeb - Mercury Rocketeer (SA, brass plate, Yok Holy Pandas 205g0). I don’t have PE foam to check against right now, but I can try later in the week.

I think there is a slight reduction in bottom out reverb and ping, but I can imagine it being inaudible in a better build or with other mods. Definitely too light of a touch compared to what I was hoping for, but they at least don’t hurt.

Companies: We’re gonna advertise with huge commercials!

Other Companies: We’re going to get celebrity endorsement!

Some Keyboard guy on Reddit: I just don’t say thock.


Choose your onomatopoeia wisely.

Update time!

I received all my switches. I have to say that Alybuilds was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was super communicative through the entire process. Turnaround time was about a week which is way faster than I could have ever gained motivation for.

I threw the Tealios in my bakeneko to test out and also rebuilt my Typemachina No.1 with TTC Wilds. The Opblacks will rotate into the bakeneko for testing once I rebuild my Chimera65 with the Tealios.

The Wilds and Opblacks are prelubed, so she ultrasonic cleaned them. Not something I would have ever bothered with personally in a million years, but I thought why not?

Lube job seems consistent. Is it exactly as I would have done? No, I am a little heavy handed and may overlube a bit according to some standards. But I don’t have any complaints at all and could easily forget that someone else lubed the switches. I’m not very picky though; there just needs to be enough lube but not wet.

Overall I am very happy with my decision. Before this I was feeling overwhelmed by my backlog of stuff. I wanted engage in my hobby, but I had so much to do that I ended up doing nothing (depression lol).

Now that I don’t have so goddamn many switches to lube, I’m actually motivated to lube them myself for the next build. Though I would totally use a service again if I’m just not feeling it.