Lubing springs for noise reduction

In case you aren’t familiar with the effect lubing your springs has, here is a demonstration.

The effect is especially important with silenced switches.


Lubing Zeal springs is mandatory for me at this point – they either ping or crunch without it. This kind of sucks considering they are one of the few switch families that you could otherwise get away with not lubing altogether.

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@Walkerstop What lube did you use?


Tribosys 3203

I’m going to have to lube my Aliaz 70g silents now. I’ve been afraid of losing the tiny bit of tactility they actually have, but the crunch noise is worse than stock zilents.

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You could try just lubing only the spring, might be all you need for the crunch

Fair warning though, IMO the Aiaz springs are pretty bad. Aliaz springs can sometimes crunch even when lubed because they are longer than usual and the coils can rub against each other at full compression. They also have a rough texture which makes this worse. I highly recommend Sprit or Catweewee springs instead for Aliaz, and lube them too :wink:


The noise is pretty terrible and I’m assuming the housing also has something wrong with it but the springs are so bad that I can’t tell what’s wrong. I love the gold Spirit springs in my ergoclears but the community is at odds with the vendor. There are gold springs on AliExpress but I’m nervous about the QC on them.


Yeah that’s the rub with Spirit’s products. He’s someone most don’t want to support because of his shady beginnings, but other than Catweewee’s products nobody else has the quality Spirit does. From my personal experience with unbranded springs I would say go with Catweewee’s springs if possible or Spirit’s if not. The unbranded ones just aren’t worth it, too hit or miss with quality & consistency on them IME.

Recently built a Jetfire with Vint Blacks and SPRiT 62g springs. Lubed the springs with Limited Slip Differential oil. Seen this recommendation from some Korean message boards. They suggested soaking them, but I lightly brushed the springs with a fan brush. Oil was like $15 on Amazon. Cheap and worked well.

Are you using the actual differential oil or the limited slip additive?

I’ve used 1514 oil in the past but I feel like it wears off in time and doesn’t quiet springs near as well as 3203.

Would love to find something to make spring lubing quicker