Lubing World Record - The most pointless thing

So I was bored and decided to time myself lubing 90 Ink switches.
The timer includes me

  • taking apart the switches
  • placing switch bottoms in lube station
  • lubing sprit springs & placing them in switch bottoms
  • lubing stems
  • reassembling the whole switch

For 90 switch, I finished with the following splits below:

Not too shabby if I must say so myself hehe.

I will say I did lube these properly, and with the same consistency I would have lubed them if I wasn’t timing myself.

How fast are you all at lubing switches?



I’m definitely not that fast! :flushed: :grin:

AGDQ - Absurd Gestures Done Quick

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Wow. Impressive. Now do films. Lol

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Wish I were this quick! I just lubed and filmed 50 switches in 5 hours… I did take a food break or two.

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I think this would end up bumping my time past 2 hours EASILY lol. I still have not mastered the art of the film