Lumina: custom 60% keyboard made of kitchen countertop material

Got permission from the GB runner to post a link to their r/mechanicalkeyboards thread :slight_smile:

I just so happen to be in the market for a pricy unique 60% case, and this group buy opened a few days ago. I think Iโ€™m gonna have to do it :open_mouth:

Direct link to the group buy website:

What color combination do you find most appealing? Iโ€™m contemplating a white top and blue bottom for โ€ฆ reasons :smile:


I am seriously looking at this even though it is quite pricey just for the new material and good looking design.

Iโ€™ve considered so many options from the black top and bottom with brass base and plate but then I thought I can get good black keyboards elsewhere and already have one on the way. White keyboards are way harder to find so considered white top and white bottom or the panda white top and black bottom with brass or aluminium plate and matching bottom.

Really donโ€™t know however price is also an issue at these points and shipping considering Iโ€™m in Australia. This might sound stupid but the PCB seems like a let down considering so many kits have PCBs with hot swap sockets, however I can just get my own PCB if I want.

Just things that keep adding to the price. Also not 100% on the product considering the review units that went out did not have appropriate plate to top alignment. Seems rushed.

@montydrei what are you considering?

I ended up going with a two-tone configuration: white top and elderberry bottom, with the brass plate in between. I am still a sucker for shiny lights, so I got the frosted acrylic base too

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