M60-a seq2


Looks like we have a second round M60-A with some new colours, hotswap PCB and solderable PCB. Also an optional interior dampener (silicone insert) which absorbs the sound inside the keyboard. Anyone grabbing one? The white (MILK) with an Electrophoretic coating looks nice.


Yeah I’m grabbing the Milk one. I just feel disappointed it doesn’t come with the gold weight. It would have looked spectacular on white.

Would have been nice to get a rough delivery date estimate too.



I see gold as an option. Sadly you will need to sink in the extra dollars.

Agree, the white gold combo would be amazing - it’s possible, but costly (luckily the layout is not for me.)

Still waiting for the TKL…


I really dig the Kuro & Moon stealth versions, particularly the Moon stealth as it seems to be a perfect fit for Sky Dolch! I’m really thinking about grabbing one this time around now that solderable PCBs are available.

Really dig the new colorways, still waiting for that full-size they’ve been teasing me about :joy:

Yeah, it’s just annoying that I can’t choose one weight. Rather than paying extra and ending up with two.

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