Mac layout keycap recommendations

Can anyone recommend keycaps that work for Mac layouts? Any set works obviously but I’m hoping to find sets that come with function keys with media symbols.

These won’t ship for a bit but they’re up for pre-order right now. Depending on how you feel about hi-profile these could be exactly what you’re looking for (see the “media icons” set):

There is a cherry profile version of these caps (called ePBT extended 2048) that ran a few years ago but they can bit a little tough to find nowadays.

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I just discovered this set a couple of days ago. It has pretty good Mac support:


Unfortunately the best mac layout keycap recommendations would be to stop looking at your keycaps lol :stuck_out_tongue:

But unfortunately it’s overall not the easiest to get mac specific layout keycaps. You’ll just have to try to spot them as they come up.


the biip extended 2048 are very mac friendly, you could even say mac specific.


varmilo apparently makes custom sets upon request

they have 108-key sets with media keys, just have to inquire about mac-specific legends. not sure though if you need non-standard key sizes.

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haha but i need those legends so i know if I’m lowering the volume :rofl:

True, i’m just seeing if these sets exist for convenience sake.

I am waiting for another run on this :persevere: They did Topre recently, but I need another round of MX.

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