Macro Examples?


What are some of your most used macros that you have programmed on your boards?


Most of my macros revolve around development and window management.

For example:
Open new file and trigger new react class snippet
Move window to second monitor and full screen it


The one I use by far the most is CLEAR. I usually have it bound to Fn+Backspace.


Clears the entire input field. Simple and effective :upside_down_face:


URL of my company
Changing to a specific skype conversation


haha shruggy!

I might have to add that one.


I kinda really want this as a macro now. I wonder what other super simple ‘timesaver’ macros there are out there?


My favorite macro? My “KC_MAKE” macro:

This runs the make command for my keyboard, no matter which QMK powered board it is. :slight_smile:

I also like some of my gaming macros. Some of them are a bit … salty though.

And then there are the macros that you don’t see. :slight_smile: