Magnetic tray/bowl quiet mod

Magnetic tray/bowls are great at holding parts when disassembling keyboards or switches. However I don’t care for the spittoon ping noise every time a part is thrown in. After experimenting came with a few simple mods to quiet it down:

  • Option 1 Rubber band (slightly better option if you have the perfect size rubber band)

  • Option 2 Use 2 binder clips on the top of the bowl

Sure there are other options and plastic bowls that can be purchased but this only takes like a minute to do and for me worked out surprisingly well.

How about some of that self adhesive foam on the outside? Or a coat of plastidip.

You could try plastidip. I was messing around so I flex sealed a bowl (thinner and less durable to plastidip but in a spray can). It came out okay but still had that ring noise when putting items into the bowl. Doing the rubber band trick on top of that turned out nice and it is very quiet. However I am not sure how durable it is over the long run. Probably for that amount of effort I would recommend buying a plastic bowl but like everything else in this hobby its easy to go down the rabbit hole!