Make Bahb Great Again

So, honest to God , I wandered into the kitchen the other day and had this conversation with my son. “So what’s the deal with the Donald Trump Bahbs on the counter?

Son: “Crap!”

They’re nice caps, though, and yes, they were intended to be the colors of candy corn—which, I guess I should have asked first, instead of making assumptions. Happy Halloween everyone!




Not a very artisan keen community lol, the candy corn looks great!

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Probably doesn’t help that he took the worst possible pictures of them :joy:

Oh man that is hilarious! Although I think the trump thing would be a great ideal for a raffle or something, LOL!

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Yeah, ok. Next time I find your caps on my kitchen counter, I’ll plate them with a sprig of parsley, smear some Vaseline on my iPhone lens, and artistically arrange a banana and a couple of oranges in the backdrop.

Don’t mess with me. You know I will.


Guess I’ve gotta do it then

Fine, then. Best I could do. I also thought you told me it’s too cold outside to cast. Where’d these come from?

Plus, like, you know, quit putting your caps on the kitchen counter.


It is. It takes twice as long to do anything and I keep getting failures due to bubbles. The GID and Monochrome were done just before it got below 70 and the candy corn caps are so far the only successes since then.

Congratulations, you’ve set the record for most posts on an artisan-centric post hahaha.

Beautiful execution, I like how the celery and grapes give a genitalia like image, which perfectly contrasts the docile and cute nature of the Bahbs. The rotated position of the caps wonderfully allows my eyes to follow the highlights of the picture in a clockwise fashion, and is complemented well by the alphabetical pattern riding the rim of the plate. The composition also lends informative nutritional recommendations to the crowd, the orange trump caps being the meat (as he is made of flesh), the white representing sweets, with what should be the largest portion of the diet-veggies/fruits- being represented by the GID ones.

8/10, beautiful photo


I can see you’re a person of taste and refinement. I am truly an underrated genius. THANK YOU.