Making a small formfactor 75% WKL, Feedback much appreciated <3

Ive been working on this case behind the scenes for some time now, im still in the progress so not everything is set yet but this render should somewhat represent the final product. Id love to hear peoples feedback here, both bad and good.

Some info about the board:
Layout: 75% WKL ANSI
Mounting Style: Top mount
Material: Anodized aluminium
Angle: 8 Degree
Extras: Custom weight + Gonna have engraving where F13 Key, design not set.


I like the design and concept overall. My first impression I have the following comments:

  1. I really like having a Windows key. I use it a LOT.
  2. 8 degrees seems a little steep for me, I type comfortably on boards with no tilt at all. I find anything below 7 degrees to be pretty workable.
  3. I think a small RGB lighting effect would be nice. Not necessarily something huge, but just a little conversation piece.

I’m the same, it’s possible to work around not having a windows key but it’s so much easier to have it, especially for Macs.

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Suggestion: Add a control knob on top-right corner for QMK layer selection, say 1 to 5.


I’d add a key on the top-right corner to add some symmetry to the design, or as @donpark said a knob.
As said @Extra_Fox maybe 6 to 6.5 degree tilt angle instead of the rather steep 8 degree ?

Otherwise I like your design :slight_smile:
Not having Windows key can be a miss to some people, but it adds symmetry to the design (and would be close to perfect symmetry with someting on the top right as said before).

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@Extra_Fox @TimeDoctor @donpark @Rico
Thank you all for the great feedback, the knob is a really cool idea and ill look into the possibility. I know WKL is not everyones thing but im still going for the WKL as it was what got me intrigued to designing this keyboard :blush: The typing angle will also be further looked into, i might have to try out the different angles myself before i make a final decision. Thanks again <3


About the winkey - i like wkl for the look, not practicality. I normally get rid of right alt and via/qmk it to winkey.

I guess if it’s simply down to aesthetics, I don’t really like the gaps. So I’d rather have a key there if it can fit. The gap between the arrow keys I can live with because I understand the reason, intentional ones less so.

The fact there is nothing on the right on the f-row annoys me quite a bit

Its a taste thing i guess, im looking into rotary knobs or just filling it with a normal key. Got inspiration from some other cases but still open to other designs :blush: