Making an aluminum case for the Wazowski 23-19 keyboard

This project is the weirdest thing I’ve ever worked on. I wanted to show the case I’m working on.

The design challenge is the following:
215 of these live in the wild and I want to make sure people can just drop in their PCB and everything works fine. Below is a picture from someone’s existing PCB

Here is the design in fusion without the card swipe on it. Note the Pro micro goes on the upper right corner either on top of the PCB or below.

Note the PCB fits perfect inside of the case and only uses 4xM2 screws

Below is the case after its been made out of aluminum:

the PCB barely fits and I mean barely so I assume the PCB manufacturing tolerance is greater than the CNC tolerance. So I need to compensate for this in the design. I will update the design to have a greater tolerance but I’m nervous the M2 screws won’t align in the PCB.

Issues with the proto 1:

  • The depth of the bottom case needs to be deeper
  • There needs to be some sort of rubber pad so the pro micro pins won’t touch
  • An actual speaker holder
  • Rubber spots under the bottom plate

anyways I just wanted to share the case design and some of the issues :grin:


Your great design bas been seen numerous time on Mechs on Deck as it has been ‘keyboard of the week’ :slight_smile:
Really nice case design!
How many units do you intend to make ?


I intend to sell as many as people want with no minimum MOQ. This PCB seems to really be enjoyed by the community and I’m willing to sell as many as people want :grin:

That being said there are 215 PCBs out there of the Wazowski. I am willing to bet at least 100-150 will want cases.

I’m going to start Proto 2 with the changes listed above then the IC will come out!


Ooooph I would love to put mine in a case like this. Very nicely done.

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I’ve been working on v2 of this case and hoping this will be the last revision. I will post pictures in a bit


Oh wow. Without the case that looks like a mess, but with the case it looks way classier


I’m so confused by the layout. Is there a functional purpose? It looks like a hot mess to me.

Its from Monsters Inc

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Mostly for managing doors and the sending/receiving/powering thereof


LOL I got it. cool project

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its the weirdest project… but I love it and apparently a lot of others do too lol which is why this case is going the way it is!

Update on the case!

  • I did a poll on the people that already own the PCB and it was split between if they mounted the Pro Micro on the top of bottom of the PCB so I had to add thickness to the bottom of the case.
  • There is no plate. It just goes over top the switches. Majority users didn’t want to mess with soldering and other users said they used vintage switches for this and wanted to keep them in without messing with soldering so the top piece goes overtop the existing switches that are already installed