Manufacturing the F-Me Keycaps for my GB (Show and Tell Process)

Hey Everyone,

I ran a GB for the F-Me a while back and I wanted to share the keycap making process a bit. Something I do not think a lot of people do. The design was simple and looked something like this:

Note: some of these keycaps weren’t able to make it into the final because of pricing.

I received a couple of samples and the red color wasn’t exactly right for the novelty keys. Note how dark the red is and the text color is wrong

so I changed to a different red and the samples now look like this! note the main keycap color looks much lighter and in a much better place. The only problem here was the “Fuck Me” was offset to the left too much.

After approving the colors and novelty keys to the factory they began making the keycaps sets

Only 2 weeks later a problem occurred. The manufacturing company made a mistake and its a funny one…

Person 1: “A order came in. I’ve ordered plastic for the 150 sets”
Person 2: “Perfect! I’ll get Person 3 to start right away”
Person 3: “Oh plastic is here and I see the order. I’ll get started”

Person 3 used ALL OF THE PLASTIC :grin:

I get an email asking if I can split the cost with them and I get some extra sets at a discount and they don’t lose a ton of money. WIN WIN for both of us.

300 sets arrived a week later, instead of 150 I needed! And they put a branded sticker of my company on the top! Which is super nice of them.

The extras will go on sale on my webpage once the GB is over. Now I wait for the ABS Injected molded case for the F-Me to finish which is taking a bit longer.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


Thanks for the insights - just out of interest, which ones didn’t happen due to pricing?

the R2 Return and a couple of the 1u’s that weren’t needed. Overall they came out great !

Yes, I have extras and will have them on sale soon :slight_smile:



I had a suspicion the ISO enter would be a problem - it’s most frustrating that ISO is so under-represented.

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