Marshmallow switches - any verdicts yet?

Just got Marshmallows delivered a few days ago, but sadly don’t have the time to play with them at the moment.
So I was wondering, did any of you got them delivered yet and tried them out?
Lubing, filming, comparison with Black Inks and Creams etc?


I am also curious to hear everyone’s opinions here :slight_smile:

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Already received mine, they are smooth as heck, I don’t even think they need lube. That being said, lubing does make them a little bit quieter, especially the high pitch of the return.
One interesting thing though, the thinner lube doesn’t really stick to the stem, the smoothness of the stem “repels” GPL105 like water on greasy dish plates, so I had to switch to grease lube such as 205g0.


I’ve played with them unlubed for 5 mins and can confirm, smooth bois :ok_hand:
What are you thoughts on progressive springs?
I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference compared to regular springs…

Also, when compared to Creams, Marshmallows are noticeably smoother and sound quieter and basier.
Compared to Black Inks, smoothness is at least on par if not better, Marshmallows also sound quieter.

Hopefully I’ll have more time during the weekend so I can lube them and do more comparisons, but for now, I think they have potential.

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