Mason60 Forged Series Cold Cast Metal Cases by Brazen Studio

I found these guys in an Instagram ad, and I was surprised I had never heard of them before. They are doing a group buy for a line of 60% cases made of cold cast metal (i.e., resin impregnated with metal powder), and I find some of them to be pretty cool looking. Maybe it’s my love of Fallout, but the rusty steel ones speak to me… $190 doesn’t seem too out of line if they come out like the preview images, although shipping to the US is apparently $50. The group buy apparently ends on the 16th (so in 3 days). Here’s the link: Mason60- Forged Series – Brazen Studio


It is a shame that the USB cut out is so inelegant. It is just a huge missing piece. Guess that is the limitation of the casting process.

True. I would like to see a daughterboard and JST cable solution. They are easy to come by and truly make for a much better solution in board design.

I would guess that’s due to the „generic“ 60% compatibility

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Ha this is so fun. These really do look like they’d be at home in the Fallout universe

Now we just need some steel or cast-iron keycaps and we’ll finally have a keeb that will be right at home in a mechanic shop doubling as an ash tray for generations without need of replacement, ha. There is something about the over-built look that I really enjoy - terminals built to last through nuclear apocalypse and decades of technological decay and stand up to exposure no personal computer was ever designed to deal with. Tools that will persist in the archaeological record long after their users have been lost to the ages.

Does any keyboard need to be built like this? No. Is it cool as heck? Yes.

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