Matt3o designed Topre spacebars on Drop

Might be of interest, given how rare Topre keycaps are!

(Only the 4-color pack is available, ready to ship)


hmm, wish they would post a side by side comparison with their previous ones

Aren’t these the same as the previous ones? They appear to be so afaik

I believe you are right.

So no good?

Nah they’re fine, I have them and they’ve never given me problems.

They used to be very popular when they released during the HHKB Pro 2 days since the HHKB Pro 2 shipped with ABS spacebars despite the rest of the keycaps being PBT.


Oh ok, that’s good to know

Assuming these are the same that they used to tack on to the Realforce 87u’s that they sold, mine have looked and worked well so far.

They are indeed the same

Ordered some for my FC980C since I’m not too fond of the KBDFans ones I use.