Mauzpads - Dune Deskpad Restock!

Hey KeebTalk,

We’ve finally got some restocks rolling in. Today we have Dune back in stock and ready to ship. Stay tuned, as we will be rolling out a couple more restocks next week, and a new design just a bit later.

mauzpads - Dune
This looks like something out of a book or sci-fi movie epic… Either way, all we know is its a space desert landscape. Watch your step.

Price: $29 Each

Shipping: Usually less than $10 a pad to the US. Free on orders over $50

All orders shipped UPS Ground 2-4 Day
We’ve switched from USPS as they are having a meltdown right now, so shipping is slightly more expensive. Delivery times are much better however along with reliability.
We’re currently only shipping to US addresses at the moment, and we’re working on using UPS for all international orders. Currently Canada is supported but you will be responsible for import duties and fees


  • Medium/Fast Cloth Surface

  • Anti-Slip Rubber Base

  • Stitched edges and Washable.

  • Size: 900mm x 400mm x 4mm

About Us

If you haven’t caught a few of our ads on Reddit, or know much about us, here’s a quick intro.

mauzpads is a brand with new deskpad/deskmat/mousepad designs with a wide array of design styles and aesthetics. There’s designs for the programmers/computer nerds, lovers of all things green, and those with more of a gamer aesthetic. All of products have been QCed and are stocked in our Denver, CO location. We wanted to try to break these products out of the [IC][GB] hype cycle and have stock on hand ready to go.
Check out the site for more

Drop us a comment if you have any questions, suggestions, etc. We’d love to hear back from the community.

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