Maxkey Blue & White set color comparisons

As a lover of all things blue I had been eyeing the new B&W Maxkey set for a while. Got it in the mail today. It’s a very nice set. The blue alphas have a touch of green as compared with Calm Depths. The white is slightly off-white. This color is incredibly hard to capture in photos, but the white is not cream. Maybe you could call it marshmallow.

I’m a big fan of Maxkey sets. I think it’s a great value for the quality and coverage you get in a sculpted profile.

Imgur album:

On my TX65. Looks fab.


Wow this is lovely. Where can someone find Maxkey sets? These look great without breaking the bank, right?

KBDfans is where I got this set. You can get some nice sets from there or 1upkeyboards

Not cheap but certainly more affordable than signature plastics. You don’t get the glossy finish of SP caps, but the quality besides that is remarkably equal.


Agreed Maxkeys SA sets are a great product at a great price! I just wish they expand their moulding a little bit for a few extra keys even if they get split out to kits. Also wish they’d add an extra 2.25u Shift to the base kits. Although with what you get now for $99 it still represents a great value!