Maze Custom Keyboard Kit by Percent Studio | Price & Reviews | Massdrop

Super dig this board, even though I’m not generally into 60% stuff. Anybody got experience with Percent’s other keyboards who can provide some thoughts on the quality of the end product/firmware?

Didn’t their Canoe PCBs have a very high failure rate? I just remember a lot of people saying the PCBs didn’t work or crapped out soon after building

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Is it just me, or do the renders look kinda weird?

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Designed ARM Cortex-M3 processor, the Maze is efficient and fast
1000Hz USB reporting rate

What do these even mean? Just marketing mumbo jumbo.

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It’s just the model (Cortex-M3) and manufacturer (ARM) of the processor being used to interpret user input and translate it to the computer. 1000Hz refers to how often the board checks for switches that are actuated on the circuit board (every 1/1000 of a second).


I wasn’t being serious.

No other pcb or keyboard has use these ‘specs’ for advertising. Just claim if they support QMK or not.

The only other board that I know which processor they use is the Kira96, because Kono had to switch to it from their first processor choice.

Just a side note: ARM is a fabless chip design firm. They license their designs out and don’t actually make the chips.

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Marketing terms aside the case, if they continue with the same manufacturer, looks great!

If the pcb will work this time, might be ok

They really do. This board looks neat - but the low layout options (no WKL or even split right shift/backspace) don’t exactly bode well for it in my opinion.

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I’m in the same boat as far as this board is concerned. No option for split backspace pretty much kills it for me. I’ve fell into using split backspace on all my builds since I find it much more comfortable & ergonomic for me personally. Also I really think those 3 extra keys on the right would’ve been much better served on the left, it kinda goes against the space saving aspect of 60% boards. Especially for right handed people who will have their mouse on that side.

The design is pretty slick IMO, but unfortunately the lack of layouts & extra keys on the right side kill it for me. I’ll be passing on it, but I still wish Percent the best with this GB! I’m thinking it will move a good bit of units, most of the feedback I’ve seen for it has been positive!

PCB issues aside… why does percent or any other PCB designer try to reinvent the wheel. There is no need to develop custom window/mac app and drivers when QMK exist. I saw that Percent was asked why did not use QMK, and the response was Get more features and custom options but failed to explain what those features are.

We know that when something is missing from QMK it can always be added, hell I know that wilba has contributed to per switch RGB control to QMK…

Now that Winkeyless is gone and Bootmapper is abandonware, I’m not too keen on closed sourced PCB programming apps.


I agree. I mean there’s always room for innovation, but so far their firmware is windows only so that is a huge miss. I personally really like that qmk is written instead of poked and prodded with buttons in a GUI. Now, I don’t know much about the new VIA configurator but my understanding is that it can work on boards that support QMK already. That seems like a better way to go.