Mechanical Keyboards UK - Meetup 3.5!


Hi All,

We have got Mechanical keyboards UK’s fifth meetup coming which strangely adds up to 3.5.

We polled the date with the UK community and and they selected the 11th of August. We polled the location and Birmingham won for a second time!

We have found a venue and sorting outt the final details. The tickets will be up for sale shortly and I will post an update here alongside our MKUK Discord, FB and Sub reddit.

UPDATE: The tickets for the event are now up for sale here:


Can’t wait!


Will bring the thunder. (And some keyboards).


I’ll bring the lightning and flash


(and me)


Your going to be doing the full Monty?! I will let you keep your caps on :wink:



see you there


The tickets are now up for sale for our meetup!

If you want to come along check out the link below! Let me know if you have any more questions!


Gonna be amazing!



Now to (probably) book a hotel…


see you there guys


Less than a week to go until the meetup! If you want to attend please buy your ticket soon as you will NOT be able to buy them on the door!

looking forward to seeing people there!

Also here is a list of what boards you should expect to see from others:


I’ve put together a short video from footage I got at the meet. Once again, it was lovely to see some familiar and new faces there, it seems like each meet just gets better and better. I can’t wait for the next one now!