stocking KBDFans or is it a Marketing Scam?

I recently noticed that has started listing popular items from KBDfans as well as GMK sets that were exclusives to other sites like Originative.

Does anyone know if they actually intend to carry these items, or are they SEO optimizations to drive traffic to their site even if they have no intention of every carrying those items?


That’s interesting, it does seem like they have been trying to step their game up lately, so maybe they are looking to stock some new stuff? Iirc originative has sold stuff through drop in the past, so maybe they are open to working with other vendors.

2 Likes is known to be a legit site and people have literally visited their store; I bought my first Leopold from em. I highly doubt anything fishy is going on. It would be weird if they were listing these things for SEO purposes, that’d be a first for me to hear of someone listing products they don’t have just to drive traffic.

Some of the KBDFans stuff is pretty common outside of KBDFans, just hop on AliExpress / TaoBao etc and it shouldn’t be hard to find.

As for the GMK stuff, I’m not sure, but it’s entirely possible they bought a ton direct from GMK or like dwarflemur said, maybe they’re working with Originative.


Interesting to hear, but I don’t know why you would jump to the conclusion that it’s some kind of scam. is one of the better known stores and I’ve bought from them many times. I think they also have a relationship with Filco since they sell their Kobo frames.


I didn’t jump to a conclusion that is why I was asking if anyone knew if it was really happening. I reached out to KBDfans but haven’t gotten an answer yet.

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Fair enough, I just didn’t understand why it would even occur to you that it was a scam. I am confident that these will eventually come in stock. And it will be very nice to be able to get some of these things locally.

Mea Culpa.

KBDfans inventory has actually started showing up at and are available for immediate shipping.

Smart move from this vendor. Prices are reasonable too, well worth it for the fast US shipping.

For what it’s worth, KBDfans popular inventory items are showing up on a lot of smaller vendor sites (Divinikey, Auramech, etc). Seems like they are partnering with other vendors to improve distribution, shipping costs, and shipping time. is legit, bought boards from them many times. Good that they’re selling KBDfans things! I’m happy for them.