Mechbuddy not loading?

I normally use to browse r/MechMarket, but this isn’t working too well currently. It merely loads, just spinning around in circles. Is anybody else having this problem?

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It’s still spinning for me. It’s been six hours since your post, so there might be an issue for sure. I hope their scrapper didn’t get blocked by Reddit. They’ll block a bot for being too aggressive.

Mine has been spinning for over 2 days now… I’m really hoping MechBuddy is doing alright. So much easier to browse r/MechMarket.

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At the very least it doesn’t appear to be an issue with Reddit blocking them. It’s failing its requests to the backend at, which is just throwing 503 Service Unavailable errors.

Though I guess getting blocked by Reddit could result in a 503 depending on how it’s put together, but I’d assume something on the backend just crashed and the owner hasn’t noticed.


Still down. Well, any fixable issue should have worked itself out by now. Bummer.

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Dang, that really sucks. I really hope it springs back up.

Does anybody know who actually “created” Mechbuddy?

I don’t, but if this keeps up I’d be happy to recreate it.

Possibly :flushed:

That would be great. I’ll try posting this on Reddit as well, maybe the “creator” is more active on there and maybe respond.

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