[Meetup Streams w/ Tiny] Next Meetup - 2Key2Crawl 12/1

I’m going to repurpose this thread for updates on the meetups I’m planning on attending. I’ll try and post the livestream link here when I go live, and post the VODs of the streams in case you missed it!

Next planned meetup: 2Key2Crawl in Austin

If there’s anything you would like me to look for in particular (a keyboard that’s coming out, keyset designer, community member, etc.), please mention it and I will do my best to get footage of that during the stream.

Previous Meetups Archive:
Bay Area - 11/10/18
Meetup Stream

DC - 9/15/18
Part 1
Part 2

Seattle - 7/28/18
Meetup Stream
[Panel] ArTEAsan Party: The Shift from Hobby to Profession ft. KeyKollectiv, ETF, KeyForge

Keycon (Pittsburgh) - 6/30/18
Not sure if I downloaded the footage D:

Seattle - 1/13/18
[Panel] ArTEAsan Party ft. Booper, Primecaps, ipee9932cd, KeyForge

Bay Area - 11/11/17
Meetup Stream


Good job :slight_smile:

Have you thought about enabling stream donations? I don’t know how much you’d make off of it but I doubt it’d hurt.

Would love to have the voice read out the donations as she walks around as well! Those are always funny to hear!

That’s a recipe to have racist stuff to spew out of the speaker by trolls though.

So I think for both of these, either for the stream to show the donation or for the donation to be read aloud, I’d have to either make a server that I can stream to, or pay for one. Right now, the box only streams the feed from the camera and that’s why there’s no alerts or overlay.

Something I can definitely try to have in the future, but it just cost more to have that right now.

We had WiFi at the Seattle meetup that you could have used! I didn’t do a speedtest or anything, but it seemed pretty quick to me!

Mmm, public wifi is pretty unstable. And you have to take into account that everyone else is using it too.

When I tried streaming at Keycon, the signal was really bad. It dropped the stream 4 times and was streaming at like < 1Kbps. With the 3 modems I had, I think it was hitting 6-8Kbps consistently.

Also, not every venue has wifi so it wouldn’t be very reliable to say that I could use the venue wifi unfortunately :confused:

Yeah, of course, just figured it could have saved you a bit this time.

the new setup looks really really good!

Setup was awesome! Will gladly help fund your cause!

Watching the stream was a blast. Good luck on your plans for world domination!

I’m repurposing this thread to be updated for the meetups I plan on attending and live streaming!

Please let me know if there are any specific things you would like to see at the DC meetup this weekend, and I’ll keep an eye out (a keyboard that’s coming out, keyset designer, community member, etc.),

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Having a video archive of all the meetups you are attending is super nice.

DC Meetup Streams (I lost connection in the middle sometime):
Part 1:

Part 2:

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Bay Area Meetup Stream (sorry was short! ran out of battery):

Next stream is Keycrawl!

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