Megalodon HitBox Console Controller

So this looks interesting to me, but I don’t see anything about programming it. Has anyone heard anythig about it?


Not programmable, but works out of the box with 3 different input modes

This could be a fun way to try out a new control scheme for fighting games


Well that sucks- not sure what the PC inputs are then for the different keys.

The reviews for other Megalodon macro pads seem pretty mixed—with more than one describing a frustrating experience—so I’d recommend caution on the brand.

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I just heard back from Keebmonkey, and it is programmable!

The Megalodon HitBox Controller is a controller for consoles such as PS3/PS4, Switch and PC. It runs on teh GP2040-CE Firmware and is ready to be customized locally when plugged in.

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If you’re in the drop keyboard club you can get this hitbox pretty cheap, just paid $45 after shipping and taxes with rewards and my monthly coupon I wasn’t going to use.

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That suffers from the same problem as many of Drop’s drops… it’s the same price on Keebmonkey, but doesn’t deliver until the end of Feb. The pro-rated discount coupons sort of suck for getting things like that.

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Plus it’ll take about a month to arrive here in Hawaii once it does ship. The opposite of Sneakbox’s fast shipping.