Mercury Rocketeer

There are 7 days left on this drop and I wanted to bring it up here as it’s a project that I’m quite excited about.

The Mercury Rocketeer is based on the Hermes Rocket typewriter and I think the design does a splendid job of taking the concept into the modern keyboard world.

The render is so lovely! I have been tempted by this drop ever since it started… but I would probably never end up using the poor thing and just sell it later :confused:

It really is a beautiful design, though, and I think it’ll sell really well!

Well, someone really put some effort into designing that thing.

It’s actually an amazing deal too. SA Keycaps come with a fully custom case. Unreal.

Been following this since the interest check, and it’ll definitely be one of my most used. Just wish I could do split backspace and split right shift.

Give me a split spacebar and I’d be all over this one too :pensive:

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I’m so hyped for this project!

I’m really pumped about this one too. Is anyone else excited about the zinc return key for the first run? It looks like a great accent to me.

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I’m quite excited about that actually as it really completes the idea of the metal carriage return bar!