Metal case for a Filco Majestouch-2

I have a question for the metal case and the noise isolation. Do you have any tips to reduce the resonance noise when i type on the keyboard ?

I purchase Foam rubber on amazon, i’ll put it in the case between the plate and the bottom to reduce the resonance.

Btw, the USB plate is not really good, i have redone the solderings because a cable was desoldered. Not a problem for me :slight_smile:

Heya, me again :slight_smile: . Yep, you cand add that foam rubber under the pcb and between the bottom of the case.

Also, you can try and add some rubber orings where the screws fix the plate onto the case, sort of creating your own gasket mount :wink:

When I did my board, I soldered the switches myself and also added dynamat foam between the plate and PCB, but that would not worth it for you at this point as you would have to desolder/solder the whole board :slight_smile:

P.S: Still interested on the GMK Dusk keyset for the price I mentioned on reddit :blush:

Cheers !

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Thanks, i received foam rubber this morning.

I just cut two sheets and put them in the bottom of the case, it fits perfectly (4mm) and the result is great, no more resonance when i use the keyboard :smile:

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Bough a second one in Black for my WASD V2. I have some issues with this one :neutral_face:

The steps are too big and some screws turn in the void. How can I fix this problem? Is there a way to solve the problem by putting something in the holes that will grow and make the screws screw?

When i was a kid, i use a blue glue to secure the screw on my remote controlled cars, so, is it a possible solution ?

It’s a shame because the case is really beautiful and the rendering is perfect. I do not know why I have issues with this one and not about the previous one, it’s strange.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Could try teflon tape. If that doesn’t help you can always retap the thread holes by hand for a larger diameter screw. It’s not as hard as you might imagine, and the tools are fairly cheap.

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Thanks for the tip !

Do you have a link for the tool, i prefer remake new holes with a larger diameter :slight_smile:

Something like this:

It will depend on the hole size as to which bit you’ll want to use. I’m guessing your case has m3 holes, so you would want to go up to m4. You’ll need to buy the proper screws to go with it, of course. Measure the ones you have to make sure you get the right length/width.

Here a random video of the tapping process:

You won’t need to drill your hole since it’s already there, so just start with the tap.


Thanks for the answer, i’m looking to that when i have free time and i’ll came back here for a little review :slight_smile: