Metal case for a Filco Majestouch-2


Do you have any recommendation for a metal case for a Filco Majestouch-2 ?

I’m looking for a grey one or light black (dark grey), i see that case, on amazon, is it a good buy ?

Thanks in advance and excuse my basic English :slight_smile:

I haven’t used the NPKC ones before, but I have used the
Tex TKL case which also fits filcos. I don’t think TEX makes their cases anymore, but the NPCK ones look decent.
It looks like they have more colors on their aliexpress site.

These ones look decent thought

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Thanks for you reply, i think i’ll take the NPKC, the price is great and from what i see on youtube it seems to be pretty decent for the price.

You don’t know any other reference btw ?

I make a short review when i received the case and when i have put the Filco into it :slight_smile:

I have this case in gold. I’d say it’s pretty nice, and I like that it gives the Majestouch 2 a removable cable. The only thing is that the PCB is just sort of sandwiched in the case and not screwed in, so I found that it can shift position a little bit. I ended up putting a couple of sticky rubber feet on the inside of the case between the bottom of the PCB and the case, and that kept it from shifting.

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Thanks for the feed back :slight_smile:
The case looks great with the “chocolate” caps !