Metal case for a Filco Majestouch-2


Do you have any recommendation for a metal case for a Filco Majestouch-2 ?

I’m looking for a grey one or light black (dark grey), i see that case, on amazon, is it a good buy ?

Thanks in advance and excuse my basic English :slight_smile:

I haven’t used the NPKC ones before, but I have used the
Tex TKL case which also fits filcos. I don’t think TEX makes their cases anymore, but the NPCK ones look decent.
It looks like they have more colors on their aliexpress site.

These ones look decent thought

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Thanks for you reply, i think i’ll take the NPKC, the price is great and from what i see on youtube it seems to be pretty decent for the price.

You don’t know any other reference btw ?

I make a short review when i received the case and when i have put the Filco into it :slight_smile:

I have this case in gold. I’d say it’s pretty nice, and I like that it gives the Majestouch 2 a removable cable. The only thing is that the PCB is just sort of sandwiched in the case and not screwed in, so I found that it can shift position a little bit. I ended up putting a couple of sticky rubber feet on the inside of the case between the bottom of the PCB and the case, and that kept it from shifting.


Thanks for the feed back :slight_smile:
The case looks great with the “chocolate” caps !

Hello, i just order the case, but i have no information about the USB port, is it a Mini or a Micro USB ?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Mine is mini usb

That shine is beautiful

Thanks, hope it’ll be the same for mine :blush:

I had that case from AliExpress in red, it was great.

Detachable cable module installs easy and it’s mini Usb.

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Really nice in red ! Can’t wait to have mine, i have take it in gray :blush:

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I have the Tex-case in grey and it’s a really easy conversion that makes a big difference. My case do not have a USB-breakout board though.

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Nice combination :slight_smile:

Received the case this morning, nice one, i’ll put my Filco in it this week-end :smile:


Done, with more ease than i think :slight_smile:


“I ended up putting a couple of sticky rubber feet on the inside of the case between the bottom of the PCB and the case, and that kept it from shifting”

Thanks for the tip, i do the same and the PCB is perfectly fit in the case :wink:

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I don’t know about the sound of your board, but you could also try using shelf liner to hold it in place, and it would also help to refine the sound of the board. I recommend liner, but you can also use craft foam or sorbathane. Shelf liner is nice because it compresses easily and provides some sound insulation. Craft foam takes up more space and helps with sound more but doesn’t compress as easily if you’ve got a tight fit. Sorbathane is expensive and sticky. (I tend to leave the plastic on it).

By the way, the board looks fantastic.

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Thanks for all the tips. I’ll try them when i’ll have some free time :slight_smile:

How is the sound of the case compared to the ABS OEM one?

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Hard to describe it in English for me but it sounds more smooth, it’s more qualitative, the case is heavier so it sounds better. In french i’ll say that the board sounds now like a man and not like a teenager :smile:
I have to lubricate the stabs to have a perfect feeling. Hesitate on what to use to do that :slight_smile:

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