Metal flake finish on a keyboard

Was at the Christmas Parade today and saw the Shriners in their dunebuggies.

Wouldn’t it be kinda fun to have a keyboard inspired by the a dunebuggy? You know, the kind with the metal flake finish and hand detailed pin-striping.

Bright blue or orange would be a must for me:



I know it’s all a bit gaudy, but it makes me nostalgic and it’s kinda fun. right?


I have one with similar that was powder coated. The flake is not as large, but it is doable.


love it. Do you have photos with a full build in it?

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I’m considering doing something like this on my southpaw full size, if the custom anodization is as bad as reconsiderit made it sound. There’s a local powder coat place that does really good work, will have to get their input on how thick it would end up being.

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I agree that would look dope AF! Also I believe it is totally doable with a powder coating as proven by @Nebulant, or automotive paint with a clear coat over the top. I’m sure it would be costly, but for a very high end board I’d say it would be worth it. Especially if you can get the board raw at a slight discount.

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You can see how the powder coating can mess with tolerances a bit, this was a dual coat process to get the color shifting.

The Key Company and their TKC1800 uses some automotive paints to refinish cherry boards - some of them have a little bit of flake in them sometimes as well.


What a great combo. I never would have thought that set would work on that board, but it looks amazing. :heart_eyes:

I know @norbauer went to great lengths to find the right shop for powder coating his boards, so I’m going to assume that would be the biggest hurdle in something like this. Also, having a seamless design would help make things a bit easier with tolerances. I’ve gotta think some more on design. I think something with curves to help show off the flake from different angles. Again, something inspired by the dune buggy chassis.

Thanks for the feedback, guys.

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Whoa. That light blue metal flake in your first photo @pixelpusher. :ok_hand:

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