Metal keycaps, specifically copper

I’m thinking of experimenting with making a set of keycaps out of copper or copper-alloy (probably forming them out of folded copper sheet), after events in the news have made me think about how dirty shared keyboards can get in between cleanings, and of copper’s antimicrobial properties. It seemed like an interesting experiment, in short.

But before I get started on it, I thought I’d ask if anyone here had tried something similar in the past, and if so, what their experience with it was?

Sounds interesting, although I would think tarnishing might be an issue. How would you go about making them? They do of course make some keyboards with antimicrobial coatings if that’s your primary goal.

Well, that and the cool steampunkesque look. :smile:

As for making them - well, I’m still working out the details (in conjunction with my wife, who makes jewelry from metal), but at the moment I’m thinking of cutting and folding copper sheet into the right shape (probably using an existing keycap as a form), then soldering the joints on the inside to keep it in place, and engraving the character(s) on the top surface. I’m still thinking about the best way to make the attachment to the keyswitch, though.

Definitely epoxy a plastic stem into the cap like @mountainblocks does. I believe he made a jig to ensure they go on a stay straight during the drying process. Might have to experiment with the proper adhesive to bond plastic to copper though.

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Fully machined metal keycaps have been made, Salvun ( recently had a full metal set featured on a Bauer on LTT youtube channel.

Making them by hand from soldered flat stock would be interesting, and very time consuming. If it was me, I would make a jig to help keep things consistent and faster.