MG Mortal (BOW / WOB)

This might be the first MG set I’m leaning towards ordering - I do love beige on black.

I’ve yet to try MG myself - it seems kind of like SA with deeper scoops - any users her able to comment on the MG experience?


These are pretty cool. Bone/skeleton theme. Looks like a nice black on ivory set for sure. Not sure what the cross thing is. Novelty holder?

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Pretty much - it’s a decorative dodad that can hold keycaps.

My understanding is that the profile is supposed to replicate the Topre Hi-Pro sculpt so that is where the deeper scoops and pronounced edges come from.

I have not tried it but I did get in on one of the GBs a few months back. Fingers crossed it will be in my hands by the end of the year.

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It’d help a lot if MelGeek could point to raving reviews on the profile. They must’ve sold a ton of MG profile keysets and have people who’ve used it on daily basis by now.

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Alas - this one didn’t hit MOQ. Haven’t seen that happen in a while, but like has been pointed out, MG isn’t exactly a tried-and-true profile and there’s not much out there about it for folks who are curious.

I wonder if it might benefit them to try running a set or two through Drop for visibility.

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Agreed that some more understanding/reviews of MG profile would be helpful. Closest I could find was a post on Reddit with the following description:

I also have a set of MT3 and MT3s are super scooped. MG profile, they call it, sets right between SA and MT3, really nice and smooth surface.


I’m planning to put MG Profile on some Dragonfruit switches in hotswap [this means I won’t be able to sell them later, though!]

MG felt good on a low-pro hotswap with those mild tactiles, for some reason.

I’ve only tested 4 of my MG profile keys [MG Monster], but it seems to be closer to SA in profile than MT3.

MT3 has its own aggressive sculpt that is very distinct and is like a super-OEM to me, with spherical surfaces. MG reminds me much more of my Filco SA set in profile, although of course MG is not R3, fortunately.

I notice the height of MG more than I notice MT3. MT3 is just low enough to use at desk level on a high-profile keyboard for me, but MG is too high. But it may find a niche on my low-profile, low-angle keyboards.


Interesting! Thanks for sharing your thoughts there. One more question about MG:

SA’s smooth surface is almost too grippy, like not having a little slide on the keys trips me up a little, especially with the spacebar. Maybe it’s the lack of texture, maybe it’s the plastic blend, maybe it’s both. Could you tell if MG is like that?

Out of the loop - what would impact the resale value?

Sure, I’ll try some MG on Dragonfruit right now.

The reason I was reluctant is that I was planning to sell the Dragonfruits, and possibly the MG. But the truth is, the Dragonfruits actually have a kinda decent feel, and the MG keycaps are kinda nice.

I’ve had 2-4 switches + keycaps in testing, but might just fill out a Teamwolf Zhuque with them.

EDIT: The resale referred to both keycaps and switches. Keycap resale goes down if you touch them, for obvious reasons. Switches too, because people want untouched switches to mod with, instead of something that’s been crammed into a hotswap socket.

Keycaps obviously can get shined [although MG is pre-shined at factory in my case], they can get worn a little, they can get dirty. People want new keycaps for their special custom.

And completely stock switches are usually far more valuable, or at least easier to sell, than any sort of modded switch. True, people in MechMarket will lube a bunch of Durock L7 and sell them for like $2.00 each, but untouched Durock L7 for cheaper would sell easier and faster.

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Well this is very interesting.

I tested a Filco SA R3 ‘T’ key on the QWERTY row, alongside ‘TY’ keys using MG Monster.

-The sculpt on MG QWERTY row is extremely aggressive. The TY keys were pointing at my face, instead of upward from the switch housing.

The SA R3 was more ‘flat’ in orientation to the housing, just pointing at me slightly more than a GMK keycap.

-The MG legends are gigantic in comparison to the Filco.

-The dishing is much greater on MG profile. SA felt almost flat. MG is much more finger-caressing.

-On a flat wood surface, MG is deeper and thockier than SA. But on a sweatshirt, SA was deeper. It was like the reverse.

-SA is grippier in surface texture than MG. MG feels ‘wetter,’ i.e. slippier and easier to fall off. Although you won’t, because of the deep-dishing.

-They are about the same in height. Taller than OEM and MT3.

For me, MG seems better in operation than SA. The SA has a more luxurious texture, and some other aspects some others may prefer aesthetically. But I think that the MG types better on these particular switches.

The Dragonfruit switches wobble noticeably with such tall keycaps. But they sound surprisingly decent with the MG profile. I could easily see myself populating the Zhuque with these, if all the hotswap circuits are still working.


Great info - thank you! That does answer the questions I’ve had about MG. It doesn’t sound like something I’d daily (like MT3), but it also sounds more usable for me than SA has been. MelGeek mentioned in an email that they may try running that set another time; I may have a skelly-themed keeb yet.

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Yes, I’d rank them like this in usability so far: MT3 > MG > SA

Although I haven’t enough experience with MG. I’ll have to run it alongside MT3.

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Someone reviewed a keyboard with MG Monster on it [I think the Aqua keyboard looks great with MG Monster], and the reviewer also discussed these keycaps:

The discussion is at about 2:40

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Someone… :cry:


Oh, ha ha. Yes, it’s the famous TaeKeyboards.

I posted that video in a real hurry after seeing the keycaps appear in a thumbnail on Youtube, and didn’t even look to see who posted it [it was late at night.]

I meant to watch the entire video, as it looked interesting. I see it was posted elsewhere here, as well.


Man the colors of that Mojo68 are awesome. I just don’t like the radius on the corners. I’ve looked at those cases for like a year trying to convince myself to buy one. Just can’t get past those corners…

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