Milkshake keycaps will be back

It’s one of the sets I was sad to miss and now @biip just announced it will be back. I am beyond myself with happiness.




Looks like an awesome set sorry I missed the companion m6-c macropad.

Based on MechMarket KAT’s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…


Nice! I always liked it, but didn’t have the budget for it when it was released originally.

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If KAT Milkshake is back on the menu I’m down for at least a set of weirdos and novelties. It was definitely a set I’m sad I missed.

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His milkshake brings all the keebs to the yard


I love my KAT milkshake for sure, but I still stand by the opinion that PBT Notion has some of the best looking colors of any keycap set out there. I hope we can see it in another profile at some point :slight_smile:

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PBT Milkshake will feature Cherry and DSA profiles :slight_smile:


means I wont be able to decide which profile to take.

Cant wait for this to happen to be honest.

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I wonder if there is any change in colour contrast for the mods.
I would love to see something similar to how pbt notion came out.

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its funny how I promised myself the Origami would be the last thing I bought this year for keyboards and the Biip does this to my wallet


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Omg it’s finally back and I can’t decide which profile.

Cherry or dsa.


Cherry. DO IT


also look at this gem:



hype! :crazy_face:

I’m honestly not sure if I want DSA or Cherry. I do think the DSA caps look a bit “cleaner” because there’s more room around the legends (being centered). But I prefer cherry profile :slight_smile:

I preordered the cherry. I do love centered legends but I have never even tried typing on DSA and this set has been my Unicorn for too long for experimenting

Like…I would try with any other set

Biip’s milkshakes brings all of the boys and girls to the yard,

damn right, it’s in DSA & Cherry this time


Anyone know if the DSA one is the same as last time? I wouldn’t mind picking up some child kits if they’ll match

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I have the same dilemma too!

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